I’ll Take Potpourri for $1000, Alex

30 04 2010

I know, the Bleacher Beast blog has been as scarce as a Jays home game these days, but, I am doing my best to get back on track here.  Over the past week I’ve come across some interesting reads and views from all over the sports world.  I thought maybe I’d share some of my favourite ones with everyone.

Brett Favre

What NFL offseason is complete without the annual “Is he or isn’t he” Brett Favre saga.  The latest chapter comes in the form of an ankle injury that requires the Vikings glory whore quarterback to go under the knife to repair the damage.  Apparently the surgery is needed if he hopes to play the whole 2010 season.  Hey, Brett, don’t you think you should have come forth with this information BEFORE the draft?  What happens if you can’t go in 2010 and Minnesota is without a decent quarterback?  Keep thinking about Brett, Brett.

LeBron James

After the Cavaliers wrapped their series up against the Bulls on Tuesday night, LeBron James was interviewed about his injured arm in which he gave some lacklustre response about how it was nothing more than hitting your funny bone.  Whatever.  The most interesting part of the post-game conference was when he took a stab at the Toronto Raptors will to win, and make the playoffs.

This could be the little fire that LeBron set to smoke Chris Bosh out of Toronto and to a team with more “heart” and “drive” than the Raptors.  A team that will push to the very end.  A team that will not let down the fans.  A team that will have a stellar supporting cast.  Hey, wait, does anyone remember who missed that last-second shot against Golden State at the end of the year?  Oh, hey, Chris Bosh.  How you doin’?

LeBron James just wants Bosh out of Toronto and in New York where they’ll take the Knicks and turn them into the new Boston Celtics, or, re-sign with the Cavs, get the rest of the team axed, bring in CB4, and (hopefully) bring a title to Cleveland.

Either way, the subtext to this message was loud and clear.  “Chris, get the hell out.  Toronto sucks”

Chris Bosh

According to Chis Bosh’s Twitter tonight, it says:  “Been wanting to ask.  Where should I go next season and why?”  Then, a few minutes later:  “Ok… Let me rephrase the question.  Should I stay or should I go?”

Pack your bags Vince.  Err.  I mean Chris.  No.  I think I’ll call you Vince Jr.  If you don’t have the “heart” to play in Toronto, get the fuck out.  Go follow LBJ around like a little puppy dog and see how many titles you win with him.  Remember, just because you make the playoffs, doesn’t mean you’re going to win a title, isn’t that right, LeBron?  Five years in the playoffs and no championship for you. Douchebag.

San Antonio Spurs

Who called the Spurs over the Mavs?  Yeah.  That’s right.  Never send old Betsy the cow out to pasture when she can still produce some milk.

Washington Capitals

Honestly, Ovie, the Capitals loss to Montreal in round one of the playoffs was NOT all your fault.  I get it.  You’re doing the honourable thing and taking the heat for yourself. But, from an outsiders perspective I see Mike Green and Alexander Semin as the key reasons why Washington failed miserably.  Donuts on the scoresheet for these two yahoos.  Better luck next year.


Picks for Friday April 30, 2010

30 04 2010

5- Star Picks for Friday April 30, 2010

Boston Red Sox

Tampa Bay Rays

St. Louis Cardinals

Seattle Mariners

Los Angeles Dodgers

Doggin’ it Pick

Montreal Canadiens

Record to Date:  114- 71

NHL 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs Second Round Picks

29 04 2010

Eastern Conference

No. 4 Pittsburgh Penguins vs.  No. 8 Montreal Canadiens

Okay so Montreal pulled out that magical come from behind series win against the Capitals, and now they go up against the defending Stanley Cup champions, Pittsburgh Penguins.

Interesting enough, I’ve seen quite a bit of “Penguins in 4” and/or “Penguins in 5.”  Umm… I bet these are the same people who picked “Capitals in 4” and/or “Capitals in 5” and probably had the Capitals winning the cup.  Am I right?

Seriously now.  How do you get away with such a lack of respect to a team that just won a series down 3-1 to the top team in the league?  Also, are y’all blind?  Did you not see how Halak played?  Give me a break.

Next to Nashville, Montreal was the most defensive team in the playoffs, and they proved that by shutting down the Great 8, and only allowed Ovechkin to get four shots off in the last two games.  Mike Green, Alexander Semin, where were you guys all series?  Oh, right.  Putting up DONUTS on the scoresheet.

Please, don’t insult people’s intelligence.  Sure, the Penguins have Canada’s golden boy, Sidney Crosby and the freak “Gino” Malkin, but they just don’t have the grit that the Montreal Canadiens bring.  Fleury isn’t as hot as he was last year, and I feel that Montreal could use the same tactics they used against Washington- Shut down the star of the team, and the rest will fall.

Gomez and Gionta were brought in for this one reason- hard, rough, classic style hockey.  I feel like David just beat Goliath, and now David must go up against Goliath’s wimpy, younger (yet still oversized) brother.

By no means will this be a walk in the park, but it will be a great series to watch.

Hip- Hip, HALAK!

Montreal Canadiens in 6

No.  6 Boston Bruins vs.  No. 7 Philadelphia Flyers

This might be one of the most brutal, hard-hitting, nasty, street-fight on ice series the NHL will ever see.  I really hope Chara goes toe-to-toe with Carcillo.  This could be one fine tilt that will spark the series in a big way.

Welcome back, Mark Savard.  I don’t know how well you’ll do in the first couple games, but I have a sneaky feeling that you’ll light it up in game 5 and 6.  Got you in my pool, bud.  Make me proud.

I’m just going to come out and say this.  These two teams are going to beat the living hell out of each other, and chances are, each game is going to be low scoring, and tight.  No blowouts here, ladies and gentlemen.  Whoever emerges from this war on ice as the winner will lose in the conference final.  So, yes, I’m saying the Habs hit the cup final this year.  Technically.

Boston Bruins in 7

Western Conference

No. 2  Chicago Blackhawks vs.  No. 3 Vancouver Canucks

Give me a break already.  I Just saw how Vancouver fans think it’s going to be a complete ‘Nucks shutdown of the Blackhawks in this round.  Sorry.  Not happening.  Not once. Not never.

Hey, Vancouver fans, I love what Luongo is doing out there right now.  Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.  Marquee goalie getting PUMPED every game for two or more goals.  Well, technically, he’s allowing 3 goals a game, but who’s counting, right?

I like the fact that Luongo is getting all this praise after a “big” series win over Los Angeles, and a gold medal at the Olympics.  Eventually the guy will crack, and it’s going to happen sooner than later.

Interesting stat here.  Blackhawks killed 26 of 27 Predators’ powerplays in the first round.  Defence.  Defence.  Defence.

Again, it was interesting to see a lot of Canucks votes here.  Hey, I’m not knocking anyone’s picks.  I’m just saying this-  Toews has Bobby Lu’s number.  Remember that hat trick he netted in game six last year?  No?  Well, I do.  In the end, I think Nashville was a tougher opponent than Los Angeles, and thus, Chicago has the edge here.  The Hawks are fine tuned right now.

Chicago Blackhawks in 6

No. 1 San Jose Sharks vs.  No. 5 Detroit Red Wings

Not the biggest fan of this series because I really can’t stand either team.  However, everyone talks about experience, and thus gives the edge to Detroit.  Well, okay, I get it.  The majority of this team have a cup ring, and are still looking to avenge the cup loss from last year.  Whatever.  The one thing that stands out most is hunger.  Who wants this more?  The team who’s been there over and over, and are looking for revenge, or, the team that hasn’t been there, and have been the but-end of every “choke” joke around the NHL and sports world for the past couple years?

I’ll give it to the Sharks (as long as Dan Boyle doesn’t start scoring on his own net again.  Idiot.  Hey, do I get a point in my pool for that?)

San Jose Sharks in 7

Picks for Thursday April 29, 2010

29 04 2010

5-Star Picks for Thursday April 29, 2010

Tampa Bay Rays

New York Yankees

San Jose Sharks (NHL)

Toronto Blue Jays

Los Angeles Dodgers

Doggin’ it Pick

Milwaukee Brewers

Record to Date:  110- 69

Second round NHL Playoff Predictions coming later today.


28 04 2010

Hey All,

Kind of crazy these days but I hope to get things running smoother soon time.  NHL playoffs, MLB craziness and of course, the countdown to television’s most addictive series – LOST have over taken my life.

Oh, right, I forgot about that.  Okay, okay, maybe a little too much partying, too.  But I promise, I’ll be back on the horse as they say.

However, I have a lot in store to enhance this blog in the next little while, so please be patient.  I’m looking into video blogging, and bringing in a few new contributors  (I think I’ve mentioned this already) so stay tuned.

In the mean time a rant or two…


Baltimore Orioles

Dear Mr. Peter Angelos and Mr. Andy MacPhail

Why pay all those jabronis in the bullpen to blow games?  How about your infielders who seem to struggle both defensively and at the plate?  How about you pay ME  $35, 000 a year and I’m sure I can produce better numbers than any player on your team.  The Orioles are simply PATHETIC to watch.  Yeah, this is also coming from a Blue Jays fan here, but at least our team is winning games.  Am I right?

NBA Playoffs

I love reading the Cavs – Lakers NBA Finals previews that are posted around the inter-web.  Ummm… have they turned LOST’s frozen donkey wheel and somehow flashed to the future to see the finals?  Last I checked we’re only in the first round, and the Lakers sort of have their hands full with the Thunder  (OKC?  Really?  Good show, boys!)  Not to mention LBJ an the Cavs head into a major series vs. the Boston Celtics in the East Conference Finals.

Hey, LeBron, your arm wasn’t looking too strong Tuesday night at the end of the game against Chicago.  *Sniff*  I smell a juicy upset brewing here.  Bank on it.

If When the Celtics win this series, I’ll donate $100 to Sick Kids Hospital. I call this confidence for a good cause.  Sounds catchy.


Salary cap.  Salary cap.  Salary cap.  You know it exists, but you just pretend that it’s some … disease.   Give me a fucking break already.  The MLB is the ONLY North American League without a salary cap.   No wonder why the NBA, NHL and NFL playoffs bring many new faces every year.  It’s an equal playing field for all organizations.

Oh, and the MLB playoff system is way outdated.  30 teams play 182 games each, and only eight make the playoffs?  Oh, wait.  Seven.  I don’t count the spot that’s usually reserved for the Yankees/Red Sox.  Do something about it.  You’re already losing ticket sales all across the league because people are tired of the same old shit.

Picks for Wednesday April 28, 2010

28 04 2010

5- Star Picks for Wednesday April 28, 2010

Montreal Canadiens/ Washington Capitals UNDER 6.5

Minnesota Twins/ Detroit Tigers OVER 8.5

New York Yankees

Los Angeles Angels

Minnesota Twins

Doggin’ it Pick

Montreal Canadiens

Record to Date:  105-68

Picks for Tuesday April 27, 2010

27 04 2010

5- Star Picks for Tuesday April 27, 2010

New York Yankees

Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers/ Pittsburgh Pirates OVER 8.5

Colorado Rockies

Tampa Bay Rays

Doggin’ it Pick

Washington Nationals

Record to Date:  101-66