The Flying Fools

1 06 2010

Dan Carcillo

So, did anyone else find it absolutely hilarious when Dan Carcillo steam rolled over teammate Jeff Carter last night? I bet Flyers’ fans weren’t laughing too hard, but, who cares.  They’re cheering for the Flyers.  How can you take them seriously anyways?

Honestly, that hit might have been Carcillo’s best of the series, no, wait, the playoffs, and he used it up on his own player.  Smooth, bud.  What made this situation all the better was when Carcillo got into the face of Tomas Kopecky.  I guess whatever Kopecky said really made Carcillo feel like a useless fool.  Wait, I don’t think he needed Kopecky for that.  Anyways, then the Flyers’ goon started yapping at Ben Eager on the bench.  Who the hell does this guy think he is?

Look, I’m all for chirping.  It’s part of the game.  But, what has Carcillo even done this round?  Nothing!  Well, that’s a lie.  He did lay that thundering hit against… Jeff Carter.  So, yeah.  Nothing.  At least Kopecky and Eager can back their chirping up because they both are responsible for netting game winning goals in the series (Kopecky in game one, Eager in game two)

Sometimes I find it quite difficult to wrap my head around how this guy still plays in the NHL.  What a useless tool.

A word of wisdom to young Daniel Carcillo:  Keep your dirty, ugly, molester looking mug out of the Blackhawks’ faces.  I can assure you, if you keep it up, you will get the rest of your 10 remaining teeth smashed out.

Chris Pronger

Is the Flyers’ big man that hard up for a game puck that he has to steal the Blackhawks’?  This is actually quite a pathetic story to be honest, but let’s rewind it a bit to get some of the backstory.

When the horn sounded in the United Center to end game one of the Stanley Cup finals, the Blackhawks celebrated their hard earned victory.  Flyers’ defenceman Chris Pronger decided that he would take the game puck home with him.  Sore loser much?  This is some elementary grade, school-yard shenanigans “Since I’m not winning, I’m taking my ball home, screw you guys!”

Okay, so last night, Pronger again decided to steal the game puck while the Blackhawks were celebrating their game two win.  Fortunately, the refs noticed Pronger lurking around after his teammates were already heading to the dressing room.  One of the zebras noticed Pronger had the game puck and basically had to pry it from Pronger’s hands.  Yeah, he refused to give the ‘Hawks THEIR game puck.  Ben Eager noticed the altercation going down, so he decided he would investigate and give Mr. Pronger a few cheery words.  Eventually he let go of the puck and like the baby that he is, started shooting the red towels that fans threw onto the ice at Eager who was skating off.  Oh no!  Not the towel!  Rumor is that Eager is listed as a game-time decision with a towel injury.

So, Pronger is supposed to be the great role model for the kids?  Wow.  What a joke.

So, when he visits summer camps across North America he’s going to sit them all down and say:

“Okay, kids, today I’m going to teach you how to steal the game puck, and get away with it.  Never give it up no matter who comes up to you and demand you give them the puck.  If you do, you’re a wuss!  I don’t care if it’s your own mother.  Let them pry it from your dead hands!”  He should be embarrassed.


Picks for Tuesday June 1, 2010

1 06 2010

5- Star Picks for Tuesday June 1, 2010

Boston Red Sox

Washington Nationals/ Houston Astros OVER 8.5

Minnesota Twins

Milwaukee Brewers/ Florida Marlins OVER 9.5

Detroit Tigers

Doggin’ it Pick

Milwaukee Brewers

Monday Results: 5-1

Record to Date: 250- 171