2010 NBA Finals Pick

3 06 2010

Does the Kobe factor alter my pick for who I think will win this year’s NBA final?

Not in the slightest.

Okay, sure Bryant has that posessed look on his face 90% of the time; the same look he had in previous championship runs, and definitely the same look he had when he saw Katelyn Faber at the The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera in Colorado in 2003. A man on a mission.

Does this entranced state scare me? Should his dominance of the NBA’s second season have the Celtics concerned?

Simply put, no.

I’ll take the “One Knee Wonder” Kevin Garnett to tame the “Black Mamba” yet again. Even on one leg, KG’s defensive styling and skill should be enough to get in the head of the Lakers’ superstar and allow for Paul Pierce, Rondo and Allen to lead an all-out offensive attack against an aging Ron Artest, who I don’t think will be able to stack up against the talent of the Celtics.

Besides, the Celtics have a much more versitile and talented bench filled with depth and speed, something that the Lakers won’t be able to match up with.

My pick for the 2010 NBA Finals is…

Boston Celtics in 6

Rajon Rondo wins the MVP

I believe in my pick so much that I will put another $100 up for donation to Sick Kids Hospital WHEN the Celtics win the title. I’ll even put $50 up for Rondo winning the MVP.


Picks for Thursday June 3, 2010

3 06 2010

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Detroit Tigers

Washington Nationals

Texas Rangers/ Chicago White Sox OVER 9.5

Minnesota Twins

New York Yankees

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Milwaukee Brewers