2010 FIFA World Cup Predictions

7 06 2010

Group A:  1. France, 2. Mexico

I like France to come out of this group as the winner, followed by Mexico.  Mexico might be one of the most underrated teams in this tournament and could hold France to a draw when they meet up on June 17th.  Things don’t seem too promising for the host country South Africa as I have them finishing last in the group.  Uruguay will finish third based on a win against South Africa.

Group B:  1. Argentina, 2.  Korea Republic

I like the idea of a surprise team in the groups less dangerous.  Many have Nigeria as the second place finisher in Group B, but, Korea Republic could sneak out a win vs. Nigeria and send them to the next round, however, I don’t count on them going past the second round.  Argentina is a no-brainer to win this group.  Oh, the horror of seeing Maradona running naked if Argentina wins the cup.  Ugh.

Group C:  1. USA, 2. England

Yep.  I’m taking the stars and stripes here.  This could very well be my shocker of the 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament.  I like the Americans to shock the Brits.  Is it a biased pick?  No.  It’s a smart pick because England has a lot of controversy swirling around their team, and a whole whack load of pressure after countless tournament failures.

No Beckham (who cares, he’s gone from talented star to just a name on a shirt) Rooney is not fully recovered from his injury, not to mention his temper could lead to disaster, and the whole Terry-gate scandal is enough to place a black cloud over the team.  However, England will bounce back from their opening game and proceed to beat Algeria and Slovenia.

Group D:  1. Germany, 2. Australia

With Ballack out of the tournament for Germany, many believe that they could be ripe for the picking.  I disagree.  Remember the firepower the Germans have in Klose, Podolski and Friedrich.  There will be no shortages in the goal scoring department, I can assure you that.  Australia is looking to avenge such a bitter exit in 2006, and could be a major challenge in this group.  However, I just don’t see them beating Germany, so they will have to settle for second.

Group E:  1. Netherlands, 2. Cameroon

The Dutch are another underachieving team.  They do so well in group play, but can never get over the mountain after that.  I refer to them as the San Jose Sharks of the World Cup tourney.  Oh, yeah, and Cameroon finishes second.  Definitely NOT my favourite group.  Actually, I couldn’t care less about Group E, no disrespect though.

Group F:  1. Italy, 2. Slovakia

Why does everyone say Italy is too old to win this group.  I’ve seen and heard a lot of “Paraguay and Slovakia make it out of this group, Italy finishes last.”  Umm.  No.  Please, lay off the booze and act like you have some common sense.

Italy wins this group based on experience, conditioning and the Marcello Lippi factor.

I also like Slovakia as my darkhorse of the group.  Something about them has me thinking they’re going to slip by Paraguay under the radar and New Zealand is not really ready to play on the big stage, yet.

Group G: 1. Brazil, 2. Portugal

Group of Death as most people are calling it.  I still think this is the only way to have Portugal and Brazil play each other and beat the living hell out each other.  Brazil is going to use this group as a tune-up for later down the road in the tourney.  Portugal finishes second based on the fact the the Ivory Coast is without Drogba.

Group H:  1. Spain, 2. Switzerland

Again, another group I couldn’t care less about.  I personally think that this is just a set-up for Spain to get some practice in before they have some real competition.

Knockout Stage:

Round of 16:

France V. Korea- France

USA v. Australia USA

Netherlands V. Slovakia- Netherlands

Brazil V. Switzerland- Brazil

Argentina V. Mexico- Argentina

Germany V. England- England

Italy V. Cameroon- Italy

Spain V. Portugal- Spain

Quarter- Finals:

USA V. France- USA

Netherlands V. Brazil-  Brazil

Argentina V. England-  England

Italy V. Spain- Spain


USA V. Brazil-  Brazil

Spain V. England-  Spain

Third Place Match:

USA V. EnglandEngland


Spain V. Brazil-  Spain


Picks for Monday June 7, 2010

7 06 2010

5- Star Picks for Monday June 7, 2010

San Francisco Giants/ Cincinnati Reds UNDER 8.5

Colorado Rockies

Colorado Rockies/ Houston Astros OVER 9.5

Atlanta Braves

Los Angeles Angels

Doggin’ it Pick

Texas Rangers