A Goal is a Goal. End of Story.

14 06 2010


I’m slowly growing tired of reading and hearing about the trash that’s floating around concerning this match.

Here, let me put it in the simplest terms for everybody.  England fans (real and fake- yeah, you know you’re out there.  Yeah, you with the England flags waving, and rockin’ the jerseys because it’s trendy) I ask you, what’s worse- the draw due to Green’s mishandled ball, or, a draw via own goal?  What’s the tougher pill to swallow?  If it were me, I’d rather the draw based on a misplayed ball.  That’s just me personally.

Give it a rest already.  I’m so tired of the crying and whining about this.  Whether it’s a beauty header, a solid strike, penalty kick, or a fluke bounce, a goal is a goal.  PERIOD.

Sure, it’s a piss off to England fans because you didn’t walk out with the win, but, at least it’s not a loss, right?

It’s done.  Suck it up, and play your next damn game.  I know it’s the style of European football fans to trash talk, but, really, get over it already.


Picks for Monday June 14, 2010

14 06 2010

5- Star Picks for Monday June 14, 2010



Japan/ Cameroon DRAW

St. Louis Cardinals

San Francisco Giants

Doggin’ it Pick

Toronto Blue Jays (They’re due for a win)