De Rossi: From Goat to Hero (Sort of)

15 06 2010

Italy/ Paraguay

Mixed feelings on behalf of millions of Azzurri fans after their performance last night against Paraguay. To some, they thought Paraguay was going to be a walk in the park, but after Antolin Alcarez’s header that stunned Italian keeper Buffon and the rest of the Azzurri nation, things didn’t seem to be a simple stroll afterall.

Wait. Rewind.

What lead to this goal was a free kick that was awarded to Paraguay after a hand ball by their own player Valdez.

Hmmm. Talk about Italy being “Jim Joyced”

I guess even refs in soccer can make mistakes, too. They are only human, right? Either it was a harmless human error, or they dropped a little coin on a Paraguay stunner. Whatever the outcome, the only thing that came out of it was that the Italian team were caught completely off guard.

Overlooked was that Paraguay entered the 2010 FIFA World Cup with wins against Argentina and heavy favorites Brazil during their qualification.


As the ball sailed in the net, it was obvious Buffon was displeased with teammate Daniele De Rossi who was supposed to be covering Alcarez. De Rossi took the lashing from his angry keeper like a man and responded the only way he knew how- by scoring a goal.

In the 63rd minute, De Rossi redirected Simone Pepe’s corner for the equalizer. Talk about dramatics. Italian fans worldwide must have felt the 1000 pounds of weight lift off their chests. If the Azzurri didn’t tie this match up, chances are many would have considered them the joke of the World Cup.

After the added time, the Azzurri walked off the pitch with a draw and a lesson learned- never underestimate your opponent. Every team earned their way to the tourney, there’s no such thing as a fluke qualifier. Unless you’re France. Henry’s “Hand of God Version 2.0”. What a load of shit.

After the whistle sounded, a huge gust of wind rushed through the city of Toronto, Ontario. No, this wind wasn’t a passing cold front or a movig weather system, this burst of air was the collective sigh of relief coming from neighboring Woodbridge.


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15 06 2010

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