2010 FIFA World Cup Potpourri

17 06 2010


Yes folks, unfortunately we are one step closer to Maradona running around Argentina naked after the Argentines put a 4-1 stomping on North Korea at Soccer City Stadium.  Great.  I bet Maradona celebrated with a nice big bag of white gold and a plethora of hookers- probably something he didn’t provide after his team’s 1-0 win on Sunday.  I bet the one goal edge wasn’t enough showboating for Maradona.

The one thing I love about Maradona is that sometimes he forgets he’s rockin’ a coaching gig, and he ends up walking on the field during the match, not to mention kicking the ball when it comes his way.  Sorry, chief, your days are long gone.  Stay behind the line.


Well, I guess Zidane and the rest of the 1998 team really have a point to rip into current French coach Raymond Domenech.  Earlier in the week the former captain said that Domenech “is not a coach” and that “there is no teamwork” being shown by the French national team.

I’ll be honest, at first I thought Zidane needed to shut his mouth.  Seriously?  Wasn’t this the same guy who cost France the title in 2006?  The same guy who used a head but is talking about “teamwork”?  Wow.

But after today’s embarrassing effort against Mexico, and with France on the brink of yet another early exit, maybe Zidane has a point.  Let’s be honest here, France definitely seems to have a major problem playing as a team mainly because they’re all too busy catering to their own egos.  So much talent, yet, no goals to show for it.

Unfortunately, I can’t see France advancing to the next stage after this debacle.  Oh, well.  I guess 2010 is the new 2002.


Okay, here’s the deal.  Everyone I’ve come in contact with says the same thing.  “The American’s don’t deserve to be in the World Cup.”

Really?  What makes them unworthy of participating in the tournament?  Did they cheat to get in?  No.  Did they qualify based on a blatant handball that lead to a goal?  No.  What the American’s did was  finish first in their qualifying group and rightfully earned their spot, just like every other nation being represented in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, so give me a break already.

Do I sense a bit of jealousy from those who’s teams didn’t make it in?  Or, is this a sense that maybe the Americans pose some form of threat in the tournament.  If you don’t think USA pose any threat, then all I have to say is this:

1.  England is currently ranked eighth (8th) in FIFA’s World Rankings and the American national team fourteenth (14th) and their opening game in Group C ended in a draw.

2.  Please see Swiss vs. Spain, thank you.

Never underestimate your opponent.  Germany, I’m looking at you.


Picks for Thursday June 17, 2010

17 06 2010

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