Five Changes That Should Be Made in the MLB: #5

21 06 2010

Over the next couple of days, I’ll break down five things that need to be fixed or changed in the MLB to open the sport up a bit more, and maybe help bring credibility and thrill back to the game.

5.  Expand the Playoff System to 16 Teams

I think it’s about time that the MLB expands their post-season entrants from the eight teams (four National League teams, and four American League teams) to 16.  I bet teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates, Baltimore Orioles, Seattle Mariners, Kansas City Royals, and especially the Chicago Cubs would love this idea.

Teams opposed to this suggestion would probably be the New York Yankees.  In their eyes, they wouldn’t consider this a “fair and level playing field.”  Why?  Well then they wouldn’t be able to buy championships all the time.  Knowing them, they’d file some form of lawsuit against the MLB and try and bully their way to keeping the system the same.

Think about it… 30 teams in the MLB, and only eight total teams make it to the playoffs?  Each team plays the 162 game season, fans shell out the money to see the games and support their team, only to have, essentially, the same clubs in the post-season every year.

C’mon Selig.  We all get it.  You want the rich to get richer, and you’re terrified of the Yankees organization and their fans.  It’s obvious.  No salary cap (yeah, your league is the only league WITHOUT a cap) and a system that allows the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Phillies, and Cardinals free passes to the playoffs and 25 other teams and their fans to suffer.

How about this idea then…

The “New Look” MLB Season

122 game season (or keep it at 162, I just took 40 games out because there are a number of people who complain that the season is long enough and that’s why the eight team playoff system in place now makes “more sense”)

The top two teams from each division make the playoffs, followed by two wild card teams in each league.

In the playoffs, the first two rounds of games will be a best of five series.  The ALCS/NLCS and World Series will remain a best of seven series.

The two top teams in their respective league will draw a first round series against the wild card winners.  The lower seeded wild card team will face the team that finishes first in the league, and the highest seeded wild card club draws the team with the second highest winning percentage.

The other four teams are then put into a draw and selected at random.  This could set up a possible battle between two divisional teams, or something along the lines of a possible east vs. west showdown.

Using the current standings in the MLB, here’s what the post-season would look like if the regular season ended today:

This system should open things up in respect to a more diverse post-season with hopefully fresh new looks every year.  Eight teams total just doesn’t cut it.  If the MLB isn’t willing to put a cap up, then why not expand the playoff system?


21 06 2010

5- Star Picks for Monday June 21, 2010


Washington Nationals/ Kansas City Royals OVER 8.5

Washington Nationals

Cincinnati Reds

New York Yankees

Doggin’ it Pick

Swiss/ Chile DRAW

Sunday Results: 3-3

June Totals to Date: 65-65