2010 FIFA World Cup Round of 16 Picks

25 06 2010

Uruguay vs. South Korea:

Uruguay 2-1 in extra time

USA vs. Ghana:

Revenge factor involved in this one.  Ghana sent the Americans packing in 2006 so expect Landon “Captain America” Donovan to lead the stars and stripes to a victory.  Ghana is a very young team, so I think their inexperience will come into play early.  The Americans need a lot more from Tim Howard in goal.  He can’t be shaky,  and he has to control his rebounds.

USA 2-0

Germany vs. England

Count on another early exit for Rooney and his boys.  Germany’s Miroslav Klose will be back, and so will their goal scoring touch.  Rooney’s temper will eventually cost him and England the game.

Germany 3-1

Argentina vs. Mexico

Sorry, but this one’s too easy.  Messi hasn’t scored a goal yet, and that should be Mexico’s biggest fear right now.  Eventually the Argentinian superstar has to wake up, and this will probably be the game he does.

I sort of feel for Mexico in this game.  It’s going to get ugly fast.

Argentina 4-0

Netherlands vs. Slovakia

I feel as if this is a trap game.  As I’ve said, the Netherlands are the San Jose Sharks of the World Cup tournament.

Slovakia did oust the defending champs Italy, so does that mean their 15 minutes of fame has come to an end?


Slovakia with the 2-1 upset

Brazil vs. Chile

Here’s the trend of the year:  Since the 1990 FIFA World Cup, Brazil has won the title following a European team’s win.  (1990- Germany, 1994- Brazil, 1998- France, 2002- Brazil, 2006- Italy, 2010- ?)

That is all.

Brazil 2-0

Paraguay vs. Japan

Paraguay ran away with Group F, and I can’t see Japan stacking up in this match.  A key fact that many seem to overlook, including myself, is that Paraguay did beat Argentina and Brazil in order to qualify for the tournament, and then stunned the Italians with a 1-1 draw in the opening match.

Paraguay 2-1 in extra time

Spain vs. Portugal

So will it be the David Villa show, or the Cristiano Ronaldo show?  Hmm.  I say neither.  Maybe Torres will finally run wild and show why he’s Liverpool’s superstar?  Again, probably not.  I think XAVI and Puyol have great games, and lead Spain to the next round.  Remember, Spain has dominated Portugal in the past, and I like the trend to continue.

Stat Pack:

Spain is 15-5 and 12 draws against Portugal, and have popped 71 goals compared to 37 by Portugal.

Spain 3-2


Later “Z”

25 06 2010

Carlos Zambrano

Things aren’t looking good for Carlos Zambrano and the Cubs after Big Z was involved in an altercation  with teammate Derek Lee today in the dugout.  Apparently Zambrano wasn’t a fan of Lee’s fielding skills, or lack there of.  Zambrano had to be restrained and was sent home following the game.

I bet Zambrano gets dealt in the next couple of weeks because it’s evident that he doesn’t want to be in Chicago, and the Cubs don’t have the patience for their once heralded “ace” anymore.

Look at the dude’s track record:

No hitter, check.  Make the post-season, check.  Get eliminated from the post-season, check.  Get booed off the mound in your own stadium, check.  Get your rotation spot taken away from you, check.  Bullpen duty, check.  Have a tantrum in your dugout, check.

Looks like “El Toro” has a complete career.

This is definitely a Milton Bradley-esque situation where the Cubbies will probably get next to nothing in return for the hot-headed pitcher.

But, can you blame the guy for lashing out?  I bet he’s just as frustrated as all the fans in the ballpark and tired of losing.

Ah well.  At least the Cubs still have… Ted Lilly.  (Ugh)

Picks for Friday June 25, 2010

25 06 2010

5- Star Picks for Friday June 25, 2010

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