Picks for Saturday July 31, 2010

31 07 2010

5-Star Picks for Saturday July 31, 2010

Kansas City Royals

Winnipeg Blue Bombers/ Calgary Stampeders OVER 56.5

Philadelphia Phillies/ Washington Nationals OVER 8.5

Chicago White Sox

Calgary Stampeders

Doggin’ it Pick

Florida Marlins


Picks for Friday July 30, 2010

30 07 2010

5-Star Picks for July 30, 2010

St. Louis Cardinals

Milwaukee Brewers

Texas Rangers

Milwaukee Brewers/ Houston Astros OVER 8.5

Kansas City Royals

Picks for Thursday July 29, 2010

29 07 2010

5-Star Picks for Thursday July 29, 2010

Colorado Rockies

Chicago White Sox

Texas Rangers

Tampa Bay Rays

Toronto Argos/ Montreal Alouettes OVER 52.5

Doggin’ it Pick

Los Angeles Dodgers

Picks for Wednesday July 28, 2010

28 07 2010

5-Star Picks for Wednesday July 28, 2010

Philadelphia Phillies

Minnesota Twins

Toronto Blue Jays/ Baltimore Orioles OVER 9.5

Atlanta Braves

Florida Marlins/ San Francisco Giants UNDER 8.5

Picks for Tuesday July 27, 2010

27 07 2010

5-Star Picks for Tuesday July 27, 2010

Florida Marlins

Chicago White Sox

Minnesota Twins

Toronto Blue Jays

Texas Rangers

Doggin’ it Pick

Boston Red Sox

Picks for Monday July 26, 2010

26 07 2010

5-Star Picks for Monday July 26, 2010

San Francisco Giants

Minnesota Twins

Boston Red Sox

Cincinnati Reds

Chicago Cubs

Doggin’ it Pick

Seattle Mariners

The Sunshine Finale: Part Three

26 07 2010

Only in the State of Florida… (The Final Installment)

…would a baseball team like the Florida Marlins play in a stadium with zero relief from the sun. Okay, that’s not entirely true. You can get seats in the shade on the second deck (200 level) but you’ll be dropping $60 or more a ticket for this “luxury.”

What? Tickets for seats higher up and further away from the action cost more than double of baseline or bullpen area seats? Ridiculous. This disaster of an idea makes me appreciate baseball in Toronto a little more. On hot, humid, sun blazing days, I’ll pay $25 to sit in the second level under the shade at the Rogers Centre, thanks.

…could there be such a lack of respect for the Marlins two World Series wins. The only supporting features for the organization’s accomplishments are a single banner out in left field that both wins share, and, a photo that is located at the end of a large Decade of 2000 portrait featuring Josh Beckett, Ivan Rodriguez, and a few other players that won the World Series in 2003, however, there is no photos or acknowledgment of their 1997 win in the decade of 1990. Nope. Just photos of the Orange Bowl games, Miami Hurricanes and Miami Dolphins.

What’s sad is that if the Rays won the World Series in 2008, their stadium would probably be decked out in photos, memorabilia and tributes at every corner of Tropicana Field.

… would people glorify the ego machine that is LeBron, Wade and Bosh. Watch, once one of these three decide he’s better than the others, he’ll pick up his ball, pack his bags and jet to the next team where his ego can grow bigger and stronger leaving the “fans” in an angry, vengeful, hypocritical state. I have to say Heat “fans” are some of the most delusional fans in all of sports right now.

Do y’all actually think The “Despicable Three” will bring you a title? When you get outside of the state line people with common sense and an unbiased opinion believe that these three won’t gel enough to win a championship.

How fitting would it be if the Toronto Raptors made the playoffs this season with their young guns and eliminated the Heat in the first round? I’d love to see the post-game interview with Bosh on that one.

I loved how Michael Jordan chimed in on the events of the 2010 free-agent shenanigans and said that during his days, Magic, Bird and himself were the biggest names in the game and would have never considered playing on the same team. It was all about the competition aspect that kept them apart.

As much as I despise Kobe Bryant, he’s definitely the lesser of two evils right and the one I turn to slay the “Three-Headed Ego Monster”. What’s funny about this whole situation is that no matter what team is around the guy, Kobe wins championships. He doesn’t need a super team to do it like Heat.

In my opinion, and I hate to say it, but, LeBron should be stripped of the “King” title and it should be given to Kobe. He personifies what a leader is all about and is consistently a winner, and yes, I’m overlooking his giant ego here, so just go with it.

I know I’ll get a lot of heat for all of this because all of a sudden everyone seems so supportive of the Miami Heat in Florida. I won’t lie, everywhere I turn people are wearing the ego monster’s jerseys, tees, and apparel.

I bet these same people dumped all over the Heat years ago, or couldn’t care less about them in general until this offseason. Where are your Alonzo Mourning jerseys? What about Timmy Hardaway? Of course not. Keep feeding the ego machine. Jump on that bandwagon, folks, soon you’ll realize that it will crash and burn, and quicker than you think and you’ll be jumping on my sensible bandwagon .