College Football Week 4 Preview: Battleground SEC, Boisterous Boise

19 09 2011


Tulsa Golden Hurricane at Boise State Broncos

With a defense as bad as Tulsa’s, will Kellen Moore be found on the Boise State bench during the second half of this game, sitting on a gazillion point lead?

Okay, maybe not a gazillion, but a hefty 35-48 point margin seems to be a bit more realistic.

Hopefully there are some drastic changes this week during practices for the Golden Hurricane in their preparation for Boise State in Idaho on the smurf-turf.

This defensive unit ranks 112th in total yards against (480.3 yards per game), 116th against the pass (320.7 yards per game), and have allowed an average of 36.3 points per game, enough to be ranked 105th in that category.

Now, this defense that’s so awful goes up against the video game offense of Boise State?  Good luck, Tulsa.

Kellen Moore is off to yet another fantastic start, and has this Broncos offense running on all cylinders.  Tyler Shoemaker has become one of Moore’s favorite targets, hauling in four catches for touchdowns so far this season-three of which came this past Friday at Toledo.  The well oiled Boise State machine are currently sitting ranked fourth in the AP 25 polls, and with good reason.  Their win against Georgia was a statement, and their win against Toledo was a stepping stone, now, their game against Tulsa could be one of the biggest on their schedule.

Wait? Really?

We all know the hype surrounding the Broncos, and their quest at finally busting the BCS system.

Before Boise State take the field Saturday, surely, the Broncos will have their eyes on the Arkansas/Alabama game being held in Tuscaloosa (we’ll get to that later).  This game has upset written all over it, and if such event does happen, the spotlight will then shift to little Boise State to produce a flawless victory over Tulsa.  With the Broncos in the limelight, will their high-octane offense, and stout defense shine?  Or, will they crumble under pressure and have a repeat of their game against Nevada last season?

If the Razorbacks do stage this upset against Alabama, Broncos head coach, Chris Peterson, will have a tall task at hand in the form of keeping his players from being overly excited in this game.  Remember, over-excitement levels could play a pivotal role in Boise State’s implosion.  Check the nerves at the locker room door, boys.  That’s going to be the key in this game.

Since 2001, Boise State have won its past five meetings against Tulsa, most recently with a 28-21 road victory in 2009.

Saturday, Tulsa will be without the big arm of G.J. Kinne who is currently listed as doubtful with a knee injury he sustained last week.

Instead, freshman Kalen Henderson will lead this offense into battle.

My thoughts and prayers go out to this kid.

Henderson completed 30.4 percent of his passes against Oklahoma State, and had three of his passes intercepted.


Yeah, that “clicking” sound isn’t just the sound of G.J. Kinne’s knee on the sideline, but, more like the sound coming from the remote controls of televisions across Tulsa after the first quarter of this game.


Arkansas Razorbacks at Alabama Crimson Tide

How the (SEC) West was won.

Battlefield: SEC at Tuscaloosa could very well be the foundation for not only the SEC Championship game, but, for the BCS National Championship game as well.

So much is on the line this week when Nick Saban’s second-ranked Crimson Tide host the 12th ranked Razorbacks in one of the SEC’s biggest games of the year.

The battle of best versus best pits the SEC’s best offense in Arkansas against the SEC’s best defense in Alabama.

Alabama ranks third in the nation in total defense, fifth in pass defense, and second in scoring defense.

On the other side, Arkansas ranks sixth in passing offense, and, eighth in both passing and total offense, nationally.

So, who’s going to blink first, and often?

Sometimes it’s better to see past the smoke and mirrors and realize what’s really standing in front of you.

Yeah, Alabama, here’s looking at you.

The Crimson Tide may boast one of the toughest defensive units in the league, but, how good will this unit be if it’s constantly on the field?  Is the conditioning of this unit tough enough to endure such long outings if the offense that sees a two-quarterback rotation struggles?

Realistically, Alabama’s defensive line is a little suspect.  The defense hasn’t faced a true test yet, and if you believe Penn State is a “true test” then you’re sadly mistaken.

Against an arm like Tyler Wilson, the speed of Jarius Wright, Joe Adams and Cobi Hamilton, Alabama will be struggling to keep up with the run and gun Arkansas attack.

But Alabama has prolific running back Trent Richardson to keep the Crimson Tide offense afloat, right?


If the Razorbacks manage to suffocate the run, Alabama’s offense could be in serious danger.  Considering that 11 of ‘Bama’s 13 touchdowns were run-based, the focus for Arkansas’ defense will be to shut down Richardson fast and early.  Without the run, the entire offense will fail to keep up with that of their opponents.

As mentioned earlier, the lack of a true quarterback will haunt Alabama in this game.

By no means is AJ McCarron ever going to be in the conversations of best SEC quarterbacks, and neither will backup/rotating pivot, Phillip Sims.  The two Crimson Tide quarterbacks have combined for a measly two touchdown passes, and a staggering four interceptions.  Not very promising, that’s for sure.

This battle has upset written all over it.  Not only will this be a win for the Razorbacks, but, also for little Boise State who will benefit greatly from Arkansas’ hard work.  It’s a win-win situation for all.




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