Update! What’s On Tap

3 10 2011

There will be no weekly previews again this week, but, they will return next Monday.  I’ve been working diligently on a slew of new spots for the upcoming week, and for the rest of the college football season.

We’re getting into the start of important conference play, the BCS polls, Heisman watches, and patrolling key upsets that will heavily influence the foundation and makeup of the BCS Bowls, and particularly the BCS National Championship game.

With that being said, here’s what’s on tap here:


  • HCS:  Heisman Championship System- Every Saturday, the top five Heisman hopefuls will be ranked based on his performance that week.  Watch out for our dark horse picks.  (Sunday Morning)
  • Boise State’s BCS Watch- A preview of Boise State’s weekly games, and a look at the outside help they may need that week by programs facing others ranked above the Broncos.  (Friday Night)
  • Bleacher Beast Top 5- Our picks of how the BCS Poll will look like on Sunday afternoon.  (Saturday Night/Sunday Morning)



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