Bleacher Beast 2011 Fall Semester

2 09 2011

Welcome to another year at the Bleacher Beast.

With a new “semester” upon us, much will be going on here, so, here’s what you can expect.

It seems like things have gotten a little soft around here, but that’s about to change.  Back are the rants, raves and complete rage about everything sports related.  Whether it’s EPL, MLB, NHL, NCAA Football or the NFL, if it’s gotten under our skin, we’re going to sound off.

Aside from that, you’ll find that our fall schedule will balance the anger out just as tad.


NCAA Football

Mondays: A preview of the best upcoming college football games of the week.

Saturdays: Our picks, plus an upset special (for all you gamblers out there)

Sundays: Our Top 25 selections, BCS Bowl projections



The playoff picture will be addressed as we approach the postseason.

During the playoffs, you will get analysis and predictions all the way to the World Series.




Class is in session starting Monday September 5th.


Mail Bag: The Mystery Necklace of the MLB Revealed

6 04 2010

Today I had an interesting question posed to me about a certain necklace you see on many MLB players.  You know the weird, bungie cord lookin’ necklaces being sported by Josh Beckett of the Red Sox, Joba Chamberlin and Curtis Granderson of the Yankees, Justin Morneau of the Twins, as well as many others around the league?

This trendy neck garb first appeared in 2001 thanks to then Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Randy Johnson.  At first glance you’d think these fashion accessories are nothing special, and somewhat ugly but, in actuality, they supposedly provide certain health benefits.

The Phiten Titanium Necklace originated in Japan, and is said to relieve stress and pain, improve energy circulation, as well as reduce fatigue.

I guess playing in Boston can really take its toll on you, eh, Mr. Beckett?

Maybe someone should get Chan Ho Park and Jason Frasor one of those necklaces.  It’s going to be a long season.

Personally, I’m not sold on this magical necklace, just as much as I’m not sold on those copper bracelets that are said to relieve arthritis.  I don’t know.   Too each their own.

If anyone has any questions or topics they want discussed, send me an E-mail, or hit me up on Twitter.